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How IRESE Works

IRESE works with mortgage bankers and brokers to provide liquidity to mortgages in residential real estate properties using Mortgage Financing, Home Equity Protection Plan, and Future Equity Agreement to property owners. To enable these products, IRESE works with investors to purchase and trade Real Estate Notes and Real Estate Options and ongoing trading on the exchange.

  • 1. Join IRESE to take advantage of the opportunities

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  • 2. Choose your role on IRESE

    • Property Owners - who worry about the decline of their property value, need debt-free cash or competitive mortgage financing.
    • Brokers - Mortgage Bankers and Brokers, Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Stock Brokers and Financial Advisers - all seeking to offer new and innovative Real Estate Finance products.
    • Investors - Investors who are seeking to benefit from real estate property values volatility and enjoy above average fixed income returns.
  • 3. Take a test drive!

    Please take IRESE exchange for a test drive. When you create a FREE account, choose a role you want to explore and learn more about Real Estate Finance at IRESE. Test drive now.

Please take IRESE for a test drive. When you create a FREE account, you will get $1 million of "test" money so you can invest at IRESE market.

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